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Our amazing Verizon volunteers supplied so many great stories last time, we are now hoping to now see your artistic sides! We seek to collect 50 videos of volunteers teaching our youth how to create a piece of VISUAL art. If you are ready to embrace your inner Bob Ross, please check out the details below on how to get involved. Our professional mentors "Friends" will share these videos with our youth and try to replicate your creations.

See some already great works of art by our youth at the bottom of the page.

Record yourself teaching our kiddos how to paint or draw something.

Step 1 - Select a medium and an inspiration

  • Select a medium that is great for youth between the ages of 4-8 (watercolors, acrylic paint, color pencils)
  • Pick your inspiration - an object in your home, a landscape or even a self portrait
  • The video (lesson) should be under 10 minutes

Step 2 - Record the lesson

  • Find a quiet and well lit place to record your lesson. We find the best setup is having your camera setup above to show your process. See a great YouTube example at the bottom of the page.
  • Start your recording with a brief introduction (hello).
  • Save the file as an MP4.

Step 3 - Share your lesson

  • Upload in Google Form using your personal phone.
  • Or email recording to
  • You may need to use your personal device if your Verizon device is blocked.
  • We will share the recorded lessons directly with our youth.

Support your lesson further by providing supplies

Buy new art supplies and mail them directly to us

Friends of the Children - Utah
5361 S 4220 W, STE B
Kearns, UT 84118

Make a donation directly by clicking here and we'll buy the supplies

We will add all the art supplies to our clubhouse to share directly with our kids

Select Items from our Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Arts Wish Lists

Include a comment on the order, so we know who sent the supplies