John Koranicki

Operations Director

John Koranicki is the Operations Director for Friends of the Children – Utah. John moved to Salt Lake City in 2017 and since has fallen in love with the city and the community. When Friends of the Children received the local support to open a Utah chapter, he found the perfect way to work and serve in his community. John is driven by the mission of serving our most vulnerable children No Matter What and inspired by the commitment to improvement and expansion of service through continual research. Prior to Friends of the Children, John Co-Founded a private wealth planning firm in St. Louis. As the Director of Operations, he was responsible for building the foundational pieces of the new company and managing its workflow. John earned a BS in Finance from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. He continually strives to find opportunities in operational efficiencies and maintains the frugality needed in launching a new chapter. He is truly excited to see the impacts we have on our Utah children and neighbors. John enjoys travel and met his wife, Pauline, while in Europe. They now live in Taylorsville and appreciate the many outdoor recreational activities found in Utah.

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