March 30, 2023

Friends - Utah earns UNA's Credential Award

The 4th nonprofit in Utah to earn the award.

Friends of the Children - Utah became the fourth nonprofit to earn Utah Nonprofit Association's highest honor: the UNA Credential Award. The Credential, developed in response to the nonprofit need for the knowledge, resources, and coaching needed to create sustainability, includes nine capacity-creating courses. Upon completion of a comprehensive set of predetermined criteria for each course, an organization earns a UNA Badge. Completing all nine Badges earns an organization the Credential Award.

Since the 2016 launch of the Credential, over 350 nonprofits have participated in one or more of the courses and 140 of those organizations have completed the requirements to earn 221 UNA Badges.

In earning the Credential Award, Friends of the Children—demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and joins an elite cadre of organizations that have earned the UNA Credential Award. We marvel at their success and celebrate this rare accomplishment.

- Jill Bennett, CEO of UNA

Friends of the Children - Utah is appreciative of all the support UNA provides to the community. Each class to earn a badge has taught valuable lessons and best practices making our organization more effective and efficient in serving our community. See below each badge that was earned along this journey.

UNA Badges updated