November 06, 2019

Raising Twins: A Positive Relationship with Friends

Raymond* and Keisha* (7-year-old twins) were referred to Friends of the Children–Portland by their foster care caseworker when they were in kindergarten. It was clear that Jade,* Raymond and Keisha’s mother, loved her children. However, without a larger support system, Jade’s arrest had led to Raymond and Keisha being placed in foster care. Jade wanted to do right by her children. She owned her mistakes and wanted to be there for Raymond and Keisha. Jade did every possible thing she could to get her children back, and ultimately the family was reunited.

Although the family is back together, things aren’t easy. When Jade wants to give up, her twins’ Friends, Warren and Melissa, are there to encourage Jade’s positive parenting and offer tangible supports to keep the family together. Friends know that having a network beyond the Friends program is critical to the family’s health and well-being, so Friends are working with Jade to build more trusted relationships with other community members and organizations. While Jade continues to overcome obstacles, she and her children have begun to feel less isolated and are finding more hope and belonging – in their community, at the children’s school and within the Friends of the Children community in Portland.

*Youth's name changed to protect their identity