November 06, 2023

Friends of the Children Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Friends of the Children is proud to celebrate Native American Heritage Month this November. The Month serves as an opportunity to honor Tribal Sovereignty and bring visibility to Indigenous culture and peoples.

At Friends of the Children, 28 out of our 36 sites across the country serve Indigenous youth and families. We are committed to being a part of the circle that protects and supports Indigenous children to thrive. Throughout the month, we will honor and recognize the unique cultures and histories of Indigenous people by sharing stories of our Indigenous relatives across the network and how we are tailoring our mentoring model in Indian Country.

Join us this November as we celebrate Native American Heritage Month and deepen our relationships with Indigenous communities. We look forward to honoring our Native American relatives and sharing how Friends of the Children’s mentoring model is empowering Indigenous youth and their families to build a path toward long-term stability and belonging in their communities.