December 15, 2023

Kelsey Lewis, Friends of the Children - Utah's Executive Director, Speaks with Fox13 About Impacting Generational Change

Friends of the Children - Utah's Executive Director Kelsey Lewis spoke with Amy Nay of Fox13 this week about the work the organization is doing to break cycles of poverty in Utah.

"We really look for those youth who need us the most, and then we go deep," she said. "Once we identify youth and their fit for our program, we pair them with a full-time professional mentor. Really, by moving mentorship out of the volunteer realm and professionalizing it, we're able to make that long term connection and commitment that's needed for transformational lifelong change."

Thank you Amy and Fox13 for helping spread the word about the work Friends of the Children is doing to empower youth across Utah who face big challenges to reach for their dreams.